Stage Safety Unit

Rescue Unit

Stage Recovery Unit

Fully Equipped as specified in the Motorsport UK  Blue Book. Catseye  Response. MSUK specifies the minimum levels of rescue and medical equipment that a licensed Rescue Units must carry. MSUK carry out regular inspections of Motorsport Stage Safety units to ensure that standards are maintained.

Motorsport UK licensed Catseye Rescue. Catseye Rescue provides event organisers rescue and medical cover to deal with the unforeseen incidents that may happen during an event.

Fully Equipped as a heavy recovery unit. Catseye Recovery. Our main responsibility is to provide recovery of vehicles that have left the described route through mechanical breakdown or running out of road.


Catseye Motorsport Safety Group

We combined experience and passion for motorsport to provide the best cover for your event.


We have the following assets available:


  • Catseye Rescue
  • Catseye Recovery
  • Catseye Response
  • Catseye Safety Radio Crews